SZKICOVNIA, because every project begins with a sketch, writing thoughts, gathering information for further action. This is the shortest way to explain what our heads hide. Regardless of how much we are involved in modern technologies, how ubiquitous and indispensable in today’s



designing are applications supporting the design process (CAD, 3D graphics, 2D), the most basic and absolutely irreplaceable tool is the designer’s hand holding a pencil or marker. We stick to this thought, we practice such actions – we sketch and we like it very much! Ideas are born in sketches.




– interior architect, designer, brand founder 

He studied at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław in the field of Interior Architecture where in 2014 he defended his master’s degree with honors specializing in furniture design. Winner of design competitions (including 1st place winner in the fifth edition of the “Wizja wypoczynku” competition organized by the furniture company KLER). For over 11 years he has been professionally involved in interior design and industrial design. He has gained experience in architectural and design companies. Since 2016 he has been associated with the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw as a lecturer at the Furniture Design Cathedral at the Department of Interior Design, Design and Scenography of which he is currently Vice-Dean. He broadens the horizons of students in the issues of shaping and using new technologies in the design process. Saturating his project enthusiasm as well as interest and experience in 3D printing in November 2022 he defended his PhD. At the same time since 2019 as the founder and owner of the SZKICOVNIA® design office he has been focusing his attention on designing human’s living space and industrial forms. Designing is a daily challenge for him, an adventure, it’s an inseparable part of his life.




– interior architect, designer, co-owner

A graduate of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wrocław, where in July 2020 she defended her master’s degree with honors in the field of Interior Design. She chose furniture design as her specialization which resulted in an excellent implementation of her diploma project, focused on the issue of furniture dedicated to co-working spaces. She has been involved in interior design for over 7 years. When implementing projects she focuses her attention on the user and his needs. It’s characterized by maximum insight in analyzing the needs of the end user, which translates into well-thought-out functions and the visual side of projects each time. A born esthete who always strives for the perfection of every detail in her works. It’s the ability to empathize with the recipient of the designed interior or product that allows her to individualize her approach to design, which translates into unique solutions tailored to the needs of clients. Apart from design Daria pursues her passion for fine arts. She is the author of many paintings (which she signs with the Circleart brand) and her unique compositions, combining various painting techniques, are popular with recipients. At SZKICOVNIA® she fulfills herself as the creative director of each design project and is responsible for building the brand image in all kinds of media.




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