We will prepare for you a comprehensive development of a space designed to meet your needs and feelings, making your home, apartment, office or restaurant not only functional but also beautiful! Remember that cooperation with an interior designer will result not only in a visually beautiful concept – it is primarily a project that is real to develope. You will walk with us through all stages of the project: from the concept and development of the interior functions, through visualizations, development of detailed drawings (including the arrangement of electrical and hydraulic installation points, the distribution of wall and floor coverings, detailed drawings for subcontractors and many others), up to the collection of purchasing elements and the valuation of elements prepared to size. We constantly cooperate with many contractors (carpenter, locksmith, upholsterer, glazier) and with a renovation team. However, we start the whole process with a conversation during which we will explain what cooperation looks like and we will learn about your expectations. Do you want to know our offer? Contact us by phone or via the contact form, we will provide you with details.


We also design in terms of industrial design! Furniture, everyday products – we take on every product challenge. We will develop an individual product for you, regardless of whether it is to be one piece or a product implementation and production – we will respond to your needs. We also design exhibition elements, displays, or entire exhibition stands! We will lead the project from developing a project brief, through the concept, to visual, material and executive development. Do you want to know our offer? Send an inquiry via the contact form, or contact us by phone.

3d design

Do you have an idea for … a product or some other idea comes to your mind? You don’t know how to make it real? Today, most contractors use parametric 3d models as the basis for implementation. We will also help with this! We develop 3d models (also parametric), prepare documentation, and we can also offer a demonstrative prototype made in 3d printing technology! We also make the visualizations themselves, which will allow you to check what your product / space may look like before it is created! Do you want to know more? Send an inquiry via the contact form, or contact us by phone.


Are we creating a product for you, or an interior dedicated to gastronomy or office use? We operate comprehensively, so we will also create an visual identification for you, which may include such elements as: name, logo, leaflets, menu, everything that is to help you show yourself (offer dedicated to people / companies cooperating with us in the implementation of the interior design or product).


Are you a developer? Are you investing in new places? Regardless of whether it is apartment building, houses or office premises, we will help you present your visual investment plan before it is built! We develop concepts for interior design and building facades that will help you reach a wider audience with your offer! Do you want to know more? Send an inquiry via the contact form, or contact us by phone.

WE OPERATE MAINLY IN WROCŁAW AND AROUND BUT OUR OFFER KNOWS NO BORDERS! So far, we have completed projects in Poznań, Warsaw, Łódź, Szczecin and in France.


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