Master’s degree 2014
The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wrocław
Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design
Department of Furniture Design
supervisor: prof. Stanisław Figiel
author: Piotr Kuczkowski

SNOOZE is a multi-functional upholstered furniture project. It’s primarily a seat-armchair, but it also has the functions of a single bed, which we get after unfolding the armchair (it is possible thanks to a simple, proprietary mechanism). Another convenience are lockers (e.g. for bedding) located on the back side of the furniture (on its back) and a bedside assistant, which is obtained from the top back cushion fastened with Velcro. Additionally, the helper was equipped with a tray-cover stored in one of the compartments.
The cot, depending on the needs, can also serve as a long, low seat for several people.
The armchair unfolds in two phases: by pulling the Velcro-fastened cushion to the backrest, and then by fan “unfolding” the upper half of the furniture in the axis of the hinge.
The idea behind the project was to create a fully functional and ergonomic piece of furniture intended mainly for tight spaces (but not only). The leitmotif was movement and mechanism, resulting in a piece of furniture with a variable shape. The developed form is a tribute to the classics of furniture. This is a comfortable surprise for an unexpected guest who has nowhere to stay for the night. The simple and elegant form will work both in small and spacious interiors, and thanks to the multivariate choice of fabrics, it will fit in any context of interior design.



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